FLORIDA Discount Car Rentals

Tampa Car Rentals For Underaged Drivers

Most rental agencies will add a $25 to $27 per day surcharge for drivers aged 21 to 24 to the reservation at time of pick up. This is because historically, drivers in this age range statistically have shown higher risk of accidents. This additional surcharge for drivers in the 21-24 age categories can add up quickly. On a weekly rental, this can almost double the cost of the rental on a smaller car.

We can provide some relief at www.floridascarrentals.com. We have special pre-negotiated rates through Thrifty Car Rentals. Not only do these rates tend to be lower (especially over Holidays), but they come with additional benefits such as one free additional driver regardless of relation and most importantly, reduced underage driver fee of $10 per day. This can save you $119 on a weekly rental!

On the home page, you will see a link that says “Thrifty Car Rental” and then in red it says “reserve now”. If you click on this link, it takes you to Thrifty’s reservation system. We have our corporate contract code embedded in the reservation form which automatically generates the set pricing and yields the additional benefits. You can get an instant quote and check availability without making a reservation so there is no risk in checking. Thrifty will also not require a credit card to complete a reservation so there can be no penalty for cancellation. Your confirmation from Thrifty is your guarantee of rate and reservation.

Once you make a reservation in this system, it will only show the base rate with all taxes and does not include the underage surcharge. When you get to the counter at the airport to pick up your car, our corporate code (which is HT14004112) shows up to the counter agent. This tells them to only apply the $10 per day surcharge for drivers in the 21-24 age categories. We have been working this system with Thrifty for seven years now and it works smoothly.

So, if you are in the 21-24 age category, please check out our Thrifty link for set rates, one additional driver and a reduced surcharge of only $10 per day.